Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Robert Pattinson is going deaf!

robert-pattinson.jpgRobert Pattinson is a funny scamp. He looks a bit like one of the Avatar creatures and claims to be allergic to lady's front bottoms. That doesn't stop you ladies swooning at the very mention of his name. Well, now it appears that he's going deaf as well. Apparently, because devoted fans keep screaming at him, he fears he might go completely deaf and he's very worried about it all indeed.
Pattinson told the Sun: "I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried."
At the UK premier Remember Me, fans once again greeted the Twilight actor with screams on top of all the press wanting a piece of him.
"I never really know what to do with myself before a première. I just kind of freak out in the car on the way and then kind of remain in a bit of a daze."
Is this his subtle way of telling everyone to calm down a bit? Or is he looking to get a sponsorship deal with ear-plugs?

Botox is grotesque says Amanda Holden

amanda holden.jpgAmanda Holden has claimed that she has stopped using Botox. According to the Daily Mail, the Britain's Got Talent judge (and person who made Les Dennis cry) said that her regular past treatments were "a bit of a stupid thing to do". Holden said: "I haven't had Botox for eight or nine months and when I'm out in LA, I think about it even less. "It puts me off when I see people out there. Everyone looks the same and it's quite grotesque... It was something I used when I was in sunnier climates in South Africa."
Of rumours that she had her lips done, she furthered: "No, I've honestly never, ever had anything done to my lips. They are thinner than they were ten years ago!
"I think there was a picture of me once from Britain's Got Talent which made them look odd, but I was in the middle of speaking. I've never had anything done to my lips, ever!"
This coming from someone who once described the procedure as like "getting your roots done" and "like cleaning your teeth - maintenance".

Harry Potter star: Drug charges

Jamie WaylettHarry Potter star Jamie Waylett has been charged with illegally growing cannabis plants, just minutes before the premiere of the latest film. Waylett, who plays bully Vincent Crabbe in the movies, will appear in a London court on July 16 for sentencing and could face up to 14 years in jail.
A police statement said that the actor was "charged with producing a Class B drug, namely 10 plants of cannabis". The 19-year-old actor was arrested in April this year when police pulled him over in Westminster and found 11 bags of the drug in his car. They later found over £2,000 worth of cannabis plants in his London home.

Danielle Lloyd punched in fight

Danielle-lloydDanielle Lloyd was punched in the face after a fight broke out over her footballer boyfriend Jamie O'Hara. The former (disgraced) Miss Great Britain suffered a cut lip after bumping into the Tottenham Hotspur star's ex-girlfriend Sade in an Essex bar, just hours after she told the News Of The World that Lloyd had stolen O'Hara away from her.
According to The Sun, a brawl started between friends of Sade and Lloyd, who claimed that she was hit in the face as she went to leave. A representative for the model said: "She has swelling and an injury to her lip. She was absolutely shocked and horrified at what happened. She and Jamie had had a lovely weekend and she was attacked for no reason.
"There is not a shred of truth in the claim she stole Jamie from his ex-girlfriend. Both were single when they met."
Police are reported to have visited O'Hara's Essex home yesterday to photograph the star's injuries. They will also study CCTV footage from the Funkymojoe bar in South Woodford. Lloyd has already said that she will press charges over the "violent assault". A Metropolitan police spokesperson has confirmed that "officers are investigating" but insisted that "no arrests have been made".

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