Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot Gossip Star !! part 2

Chris Brown pleads 'not guilty'

Chris_brownChris Brown pleaded not guilty to two felony counts at a Los Angeles courtroom last night. Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats to his then girlfriend Rihanna on February 8th ahead of the Grammy Awards, which both stars missed.Much speculation has surrounded the case so far, and now, Brown is saying he is not guilty of what he's been accused of.
After Brown entered his plea, the judge said that the singer's preliminary hearing would be delayed from April 15th to April 29th, with the defence being given more time to work out a plea bargain, Rolling Stone reports.
Rihanna's lawyer Donald Etra said that his client hoped that the case would not go to trial and that a settlement with the court would be reached instead. "She wants this to be over quickly," he said at a press conference. Yesterday, it emerged that US radio stations had playlisted a new song that is critical of Brown.

Shots fired at Gisele's wedding

Gisele_Bundchen A Costa Rican newspaper has claimed that one of its photographers was shot at during Gisele Bundchen's wedding to Tom Brady. Crikey! Wedding's normally just have the odd punch-up when I've been! Some 50 guests reportedly attended the supermodel's second wedding to the American football star in Santa Teresa.
Al Dia photographer Rolando Aviles claimed that he was in a car with an Agence France-Presse paparazzo when one of Bundchen's bodyguards shot at them. The incident is said to have happened after the photographers refused to give up their cameras.
Representatives for the couple have denied that the incident happened. "I have no knowledge of the events being described," said Brady's agent Don Yee. "Additionally, security personnel have reported they do not have any knowledge of such an event. Given this, I have no other comment."

Cellulite doesn't bother Kim Kardashian

Kim-kardashianKim Kardashian has said that she doesn't care about leaked pictures of her with cellulite. Quite right too. Photos of the American socialite were accidentally posted on Complex magazine's website, before being replaced a couple of hours later with Photoshopped images.
"Everyone has been putting up these pics from Complex magazine showing the comparison of the original un-Photoshopped photo that mistakenly was put up on," wrote Kardashian on her official blog. "Complex later replaced the pic with the Photoshopped version, causing all of this drama. But you know what, who cares!"
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star added: "So what? I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't? How many people do you think are Photoshopped? It happens all the time! "I'm proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn't mean I'm perfect."

Brosnan voted sexiest Irish celeb

Pierce_brosnan It's St Patrick's Day tomorrow in Ireland (and celebrated elsewhere of course!), so our thoughts go to the Emerald Isle. Who is the sexiest product of Ireland? Well, in a vote, Mamma Mia star Pierce Brosnan came out on top with nearly a quarter of UK women voting for him. Bad boy Colin Farrell and singing stunner Andrea Corr both came in second place polling 10% of the vote each, with Hollywood hell-raiser Colin also scoring with the boys - 3% of British men think he’s the sexiest Irish star. Who else made the list?
The YouGov survey, commissioned by communications consultancy Eulogy! to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, wasn’t good news for all – poor Louis Walsh must have mislaid his X Factor as he didn’t score a single vote when even smooth-tongued presenter Terry Wogan managed 2% of the vote.  And, unlike their music, musicians Bono and Bob Geldof didn’t even get a look-in in the top 10, both polling enough votes for an equal fifteenth place (1% each).

The top ten sexiest Irish celebrities are:
1. Pierce Brosnan
2= Colin Farrell
2= Andrea Corr
4. Ronan Keating
5. Nadine Coyle
6. Christine Bleakley
7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
8= Zoe Salmon
8= Enya
8= Samantha Mumba
The top three sexiest Irish women, as voted by the men, are: Andrea Corr in first place (with 19%), the One Show’s Christine Bleakley second (with 11%) and Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle third (with 10%).  However, Bangor beauty and Dancing On Ice star Zoe Salmon scored highly in her home region of Northern Ireland with 16% - coming in overall first place in Northern Ireland.
And the sexiest men, as voted by the women: Pierce in first place with 26%, Colin Farell second with 17% and Ronan Keating third with 13% of the vote.

Ashley Jensen to quit Ugly Betty

Ashley jensen Ashley Jensen has confirmed that she is to leave US sitcom Ugly Betty. Entertainment Weekly reports that the Scottish actress will leave her role as Betty's best friend Christina McKinney at the end of the current season. It has also been reported that Jensen has been cast in the CBS comedy pilot Accidentally On Purpose.
In the new show, Extras star Jensen will play a San Francisco movie critic who finds herself pregnant after a fling with a much younger man.
Executive producer Silvio Horta said of her departure: "While we're sad that Ashley will not be returning next season as a series regular, she is still a member of the Ugly Betty family. So don't be surprised if you see Christina pop back up in Betty's life." Earlier this year, Jensen denied that she was leaving the show.

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