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Make Money Blogging

Do you want to make money blogging? If you do – you’re not alone. More and more bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Whether it be to earn a few extra dollars a week to feed their coffee habit, or making enough money to stop them having to get a part time job to get through college, or whether they’ve got it to a point where they are able to make a full time living from their blogging – there are tens of thousands of bloggers who make money blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

In this page I want to share some information for beginners on how to make money blogging.
First – let me start by sharing my own top Money Making Methods (updated regularly) but below that point you to some great resources and teaching on how to increase your income from blogging.
How I Make Money BloggingWhat follows is a quick summary of my main income streams from blogging. Before you read it though – keep in mind that every blog is unique in how it can make money. Some of the following income streams will work on some blogs a lot better than others – the key is to experiment with as many as possible and see what works best for you.
The following income streams (from a number of blogs) have helped me to earn a six figure income each year for the last 5 years from blogging. I’ve ranked them from highest to lowest.
I hope you find it useful to see the mix and variety of ways that I earn a living from blogging.

1. AdSense

AdsenseDespite not using it here at ProBlogger any more (here’s why) I continue to use AdSense with amazing effect on my other blogs. I have them all set to show image and text based ads and find that 250×300 pixel ads work best (usually with a blended design). I don’t have much luck with their ‘referrals’ program but their normal ads work a treat and continue to be the biggest earner for me.

2. Affiliate Programs

miscellaneous affiliate programsI run a variety of affiliate programs on my blogs – most of which bring in smaller amounts of money that don’t really justify a category of their own (but which certainly add up).
These include recommending quality products like these here on ProBlogger: Thesis WordPress theme, Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Coaching Program and How to Launch the F*** out of your E-Book (and others) as well as some great products on my photography blog including 123 of Digital Imaging, David DuChemin’s amazing Photography E-Books and Mitchell Kanashkevich’s great ebooks.
The great thing about many of these programs is that they are of such high quality that they sell themselves and I am being emailed from readers who sign up to them thanking me for the recommendation!

3. E-Book Sales

make-money-blogging-ebooks.jpgLast time I did a wrap up of how I make money blogging this category did not exist for me – I didn’t really have any of my own products to sell at all. However in the last year or so I’ve released 3 E-books – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography and Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos. While these products all only sell for under $20 they certainly add up and some months this has been my biggest category of income. The reason they were only ranking at #3 in the last month was that I didn’t do a product launch (I wrote about one launch which brought in $72,000 in a week here). This is an income stream I see growing as I add more E-books to my range (expect 3 in the coming few months).

4. Continuity Programs

make-money-blogging-continuity.jpgThis is another newer category for me but one that continues to grow.
A continuity program is a site where you earn a recurring income from people who subscribe to a service you offer.
For me this includes two sites – and Third Tribe Marketing. Both programs are membership sites and generate monthly income from the thousands of members that they have as a part of them.

5. Private Ad Sales/Sponsorships

private-ad-salesPrivate ad sales directly to advertisers have fallen for me in the last year (they previously ranked #3 on this list). This is partly due to a change in my own focus but also partly due to the economy as it is. I should note that this area does vary a little from month to month depending upon the campaigns we’re asked to run – we’ve had a couple of months where it actually ranked #2 in the last year.
This includes ad sales of the 125 x 125 ads here at ProBlogger as well as a campaign or two at Digital Photography School.

6. Chitika

ChitikaChitka continues to be a great performer for me on my blogs. They traditionally have worked best on product related blogs although their Premium ad units now convert well on a larger range of blogs.
While I’ve focused a little less on Chitika in the last 6 months (mainly as I’ve released my own products and moved a little away from advertising) they do continue to perform well where I use them and over the time I’ve been using Chitika they’ve now earned me over a quarter of a million dollars – as a result I can’t recommend them enough!

7. Amazon Associates

Amazon’s affiliate program has been one of my big movers in the last 12 months. I used to make a few odd dollars from it – however in recent times it has become a significant earner for me (in fact it’s now earned me over $100,000 since I started using it). Christmas time (and the lead up to it) is a particularly good time for Amazon – last December it would have ranked #2 on this list.

8. ProBlogger Job Boards

Jobboardheader The job boards here at ProBlogger continue to grow each month in the number of advertisements that are being bought. This enabled me to invest most of the money that they’d earned a while back into getting a new back end for the boards and to redesign them. These job boards now bring in over $1000 a month in revenue which is pretty nice considering that they are so low maintenance to run. They also offer a service to readers and add value to the overall blog.
The only problem that I face with the job boards is that there are so many bloggers looking for work that the demand for jobs far exceeds the supply. On the good side of things is that advertisers are reporting getting amazing quality of applications.

9. Speaking Fees

I get asked to do a lot of speaking and increasingly they are paid opportunities. I’m not able to do as many as I would like (mainly because I live in Australia and most of what I’m asked to do is overseas and I only travel 2-3 times a year) – however in April I did a couple of events and the income was enough to include in this list.

Other Income

In addition to all of the above there are many smaller incomes. Many of these are from smaller advertising programs that I test but none are big enough to really rate a mention here.
The other income stream that there was no actual money from in April was book royalties from the ProBlogger Book. These are only paid every 6 or so months (not in April). It’s probably also worth mentioning that authors don’t tend to make a whole lot of money on book royalties – you don’t write books to get rich (unless you sell a lot of them).

Useful Resources for Bloggers Wanting to Make Money Blogging

A lot has been written on the topic of making money online from blogs. There is a lot of wonderful information out there – but also a lot of hype and sometimes dangerous information.
Below are a number of articles that I’ve written exploring some of the different ways that bloggers make money.

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Jay-Z_ Eminem _Kanye West_ Beyonce_50 Cent on live

Jay-Z_ Eminem Joined By Kanye West_ Beyonce_ Chris Martin_ B.O.B._50 Cent_ Lloyd Banks_Tony Yayo_ D12_ Drake At Yankee Stadium
Injoy it 


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Hot Gossip Star !! part 3

Miley Cyrus - Heart condition

Miley-cyrusMiley Cyrus has revealed that she has a dicky ticker. Or, more officially, she is suffering from a heart condition called tachycardia. Writing in her autobiography Miley Cyrus: Miles To Go, the Hannah Montana star admits that the problem is not life threatening but it does worry her.
"The type of tachycardia I have isn’t dangerous," she writes. "It won’t hurt me, but it does bother me. There is never a time onstage when I’m not thinking about my heart."
She explains that the condition causes her resting heart rate to beat faster than a normal person's should. The 16-year-old has previously admitted that she found it "hard" to write the book, which also details her past experiences with bullies and relationship with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.

Kelly Brook: Chinese condom vendor

Kelly_brookPoor ol' Kelly Brook. An image of her is being used to sell condoms in China, it has emerged. A photograph of the British model, wearing only a gold bikini, has been emblazoned on the front of 12-packs of the Eyesome 'Dotted' brand. The thing is, Brook didn't know a thing about it!
Brook's management are reportedly not aware of any endorsement by the star and are investigating how her image was acquired by the company. Pictures of American Beauty actress Mena Suvari have also been used to promote the company's contraceptives and are featured on packets of their 'Super Moist' brand.
Footballer David Beckham's unauthorised image has been used by Chinese firms in the past for the promotion of condoms and Viagra.

Kate Winslet for Playboy?

Tn_kate-winslet-39 Hugh Hefner has said that he would like to feature Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet as a centrefold in Playboy. Hef', who founded the 'gentleman's' magazine described Winslet as one of the "major sex celebrities of the time", together with Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Metro reports.
Hefner said: "There's no question we would be interested in her. It's a competitive market, more than it used to be, and certainly Kate Winslet would be most welcome in our pages." He added that he would also be interested in featuring pictures of popstars Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole, though he said that Cole was "the more attractive of the two".
Even though Winslet is no stranger to taking her clothes off for a role, she claimed last week, that she would never take off her clothes for a film role again because she cannot "keep getting away with it". Bad luck Hef!

Danielle Lloyd to tell all in new book

Danielle-lloydCelebrity Big Brother's Danielle Lloyd has revealed that she is writing a tell-all book about her love life. The former Miss Great Britain's book will "spill the beans of the stars", according to the Daily Star. Lloyd, 25, is apparently at the centre of a bidding war between publishers for her "X-rated autobiography", which is scheduled for release in October.
"She's revealing loads she's never spoken about before," said a representative. "She'll talk about her high-profile relationships and what ­really went on behind the scenes." Lloyd's former lovers include footballers Teddy Sheringham, Jermain Defoe, Marcus Bent and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.
"Dani has not dated everyone she's been linked to but a few have given it their best shot," said a source. "She knows a lot of juicy details. Many [football] players are dreading this book." The book will also discuss her sacking as Miss Great Britain and the controversy surrounding her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother 5 with Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty.

Hilary Duff refutes lap dancing claims

Did you hear about Hilary Duff doing a racy lapdance for her beau in a nightclub? Well, it was news to Duff too, who has spoken of her shock over the reports suggesting that she had 'danced seductively' for her fella.
"I mean, little ol' me? It's shocking," she told Maxim. "People love to believe it - but it’s not true. And they're so descriptive about these lap dances. I don't even know how to do a lap dance!"
The singer added that the constant rumours surrounding her private life are sometimes frustrating. "Everybody makes mistakes, but I just don't think it's for everybody to watch. It comes down to that I want people to focus on my work and I want to have my life completely separate from that."
The singer recently told the publication that she was planning on ditching her girl-next-door image and wanted to 'embrace her sexuality'.

Hot Gossip Star !! part 2

Chris Brown pleads 'not guilty'

Chris_brownChris Brown pleaded not guilty to two felony counts at a Los Angeles courtroom last night. Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats to his then girlfriend Rihanna on February 8th ahead of the Grammy Awards, which both stars missed.Much speculation has surrounded the case so far, and now, Brown is saying he is not guilty of what he's been accused of.
After Brown entered his plea, the judge said that the singer's preliminary hearing would be delayed from April 15th to April 29th, with the defence being given more time to work out a plea bargain, Rolling Stone reports.
Rihanna's lawyer Donald Etra said that his client hoped that the case would not go to trial and that a settlement with the court would be reached instead. "She wants this to be over quickly," he said at a press conference. Yesterday, it emerged that US radio stations had playlisted a new song that is critical of Brown.

Shots fired at Gisele's wedding

Gisele_Bundchen A Costa Rican newspaper has claimed that one of its photographers was shot at during Gisele Bundchen's wedding to Tom Brady. Crikey! Wedding's normally just have the odd punch-up when I've been! Some 50 guests reportedly attended the supermodel's second wedding to the American football star in Santa Teresa.
Al Dia photographer Rolando Aviles claimed that he was in a car with an Agence France-Presse paparazzo when one of Bundchen's bodyguards shot at them. The incident is said to have happened after the photographers refused to give up their cameras.
Representatives for the couple have denied that the incident happened. "I have no knowledge of the events being described," said Brady's agent Don Yee. "Additionally, security personnel have reported they do not have any knowledge of such an event. Given this, I have no other comment."

Cellulite doesn't bother Kim Kardashian

Kim-kardashianKim Kardashian has said that she doesn't care about leaked pictures of her with cellulite. Quite right too. Photos of the American socialite were accidentally posted on Complex magazine's website, before being replaced a couple of hours later with Photoshopped images.
"Everyone has been putting up these pics from Complex magazine showing the comparison of the original un-Photoshopped photo that mistakenly was put up on," wrote Kardashian on her official blog. "Complex later replaced the pic with the Photoshopped version, causing all of this drama. But you know what, who cares!"
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star added: "So what? I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't? How many people do you think are Photoshopped? It happens all the time! "I'm proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn't mean I'm perfect."

Brosnan voted sexiest Irish celeb

Pierce_brosnan It's St Patrick's Day tomorrow in Ireland (and celebrated elsewhere of course!), so our thoughts go to the Emerald Isle. Who is the sexiest product of Ireland? Well, in a vote, Mamma Mia star Pierce Brosnan came out on top with nearly a quarter of UK women voting for him. Bad boy Colin Farrell and singing stunner Andrea Corr both came in second place polling 10% of the vote each, with Hollywood hell-raiser Colin also scoring with the boys - 3% of British men think he’s the sexiest Irish star. Who else made the list?
The YouGov survey, commissioned by communications consultancy Eulogy! to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, wasn’t good news for all – poor Louis Walsh must have mislaid his X Factor as he didn’t score a single vote when even smooth-tongued presenter Terry Wogan managed 2% of the vote.  And, unlike their music, musicians Bono and Bob Geldof didn’t even get a look-in in the top 10, both polling enough votes for an equal fifteenth place (1% each).

The top ten sexiest Irish celebrities are:
1. Pierce Brosnan
2= Colin Farrell
2= Andrea Corr
4. Ronan Keating
5. Nadine Coyle
6. Christine Bleakley
7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
8= Zoe Salmon
8= Enya
8= Samantha Mumba
The top three sexiest Irish women, as voted by the men, are: Andrea Corr in first place (with 19%), the One Show’s Christine Bleakley second (with 11%) and Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle third (with 10%).  However, Bangor beauty and Dancing On Ice star Zoe Salmon scored highly in her home region of Northern Ireland with 16% - coming in overall first place in Northern Ireland.
And the sexiest men, as voted by the women: Pierce in first place with 26%, Colin Farell second with 17% and Ronan Keating third with 13% of the vote.

Ashley Jensen to quit Ugly Betty

Ashley jensen Ashley Jensen has confirmed that she is to leave US sitcom Ugly Betty. Entertainment Weekly reports that the Scottish actress will leave her role as Betty's best friend Christina McKinney at the end of the current season. It has also been reported that Jensen has been cast in the CBS comedy pilot Accidentally On Purpose.
In the new show, Extras star Jensen will play a San Francisco movie critic who finds herself pregnant after a fling with a much younger man.
Executive producer Silvio Horta said of her departure: "While we're sad that Ashley will not be returning next season as a series regular, she is still a member of the Ugly Betty family. So don't be surprised if you see Christina pop back up in Betty's life." Earlier this year, Jensen denied that she was leaving the show.

Hot Gossip Star !!

Robert Pattinson is going deaf!

robert-pattinson.jpgRobert Pattinson is a funny scamp. He looks a bit like one of the Avatar creatures and claims to be allergic to lady's front bottoms. That doesn't stop you ladies swooning at the very mention of his name. Well, now it appears that he's going deaf as well. Apparently, because devoted fans keep screaming at him, he fears he might go completely deaf and he's very worried about it all indeed.
Pattinson told the Sun: "I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried."
At the UK premier Remember Me, fans once again greeted the Twilight actor with screams on top of all the press wanting a piece of him.
"I never really know what to do with myself before a première. I just kind of freak out in the car on the way and then kind of remain in a bit of a daze."
Is this his subtle way of telling everyone to calm down a bit? Or is he looking to get a sponsorship deal with ear-plugs?

Botox is grotesque says Amanda Holden

amanda holden.jpgAmanda Holden has claimed that she has stopped using Botox. According to the Daily Mail, the Britain's Got Talent judge (and person who made Les Dennis cry) said that her regular past treatments were "a bit of a stupid thing to do". Holden said: "I haven't had Botox for eight or nine months and when I'm out in LA, I think about it even less. "It puts me off when I see people out there. Everyone looks the same and it's quite grotesque... It was something I used when I was in sunnier climates in South Africa."
Of rumours that she had her lips done, she furthered: "No, I've honestly never, ever had anything done to my lips. They are thinner than they were ten years ago!
"I think there was a picture of me once from Britain's Got Talent which made them look odd, but I was in the middle of speaking. I've never had anything done to my lips, ever!"
This coming from someone who once described the procedure as like "getting your roots done" and "like cleaning your teeth - maintenance".

Harry Potter star: Drug charges

Jamie WaylettHarry Potter star Jamie Waylett has been charged with illegally growing cannabis plants, just minutes before the premiere of the latest film. Waylett, who plays bully Vincent Crabbe in the movies, will appear in a London court on July 16 for sentencing and could face up to 14 years in jail.
A police statement said that the actor was "charged with producing a Class B drug, namely 10 plants of cannabis". The 19-year-old actor was arrested in April this year when police pulled him over in Westminster and found 11 bags of the drug in his car. They later found over £2,000 worth of cannabis plants in his London home.

Danielle Lloyd punched in fight

Danielle-lloydDanielle Lloyd was punched in the face after a fight broke out over her footballer boyfriend Jamie O'Hara. The former (disgraced) Miss Great Britain suffered a cut lip after bumping into the Tottenham Hotspur star's ex-girlfriend Sade in an Essex bar, just hours after she told the News Of The World that Lloyd had stolen O'Hara away from her.
According to The Sun, a brawl started between friends of Sade and Lloyd, who claimed that she was hit in the face as she went to leave. A representative for the model said: "She has swelling and an injury to her lip. She was absolutely shocked and horrified at what happened. She and Jamie had had a lovely weekend and she was attacked for no reason.
"There is not a shred of truth in the claim she stole Jamie from his ex-girlfriend. Both were single when they met."
Police are reported to have visited O'Hara's Essex home yesterday to photograph the star's injuries. They will also study CCTV footage from the Funkymojoe bar in South Woodford. Lloyd has already said that she will press charges over the "violent assault". A Metropolitan police spokesperson has confirmed that "officers are investigating" but insisted that "no arrests have been made".

Guess where are they take this pictures

what do you think about this pics

beautifull place to living
so the question here where they are from ???????

pes 2011 vs fifa 2011 who's the Best


Pro evolution and FIFA are considered the kings when it comes to football gaming. With both games always being highly anticipated people always show a great sense of urgency to find out what improvements each game will have.
It seems the main problem that Konami (makers of PES) have had in recent years is to gain fully licensing for some main european leagues, the highlight of this is the Premier League, this results many fans in England and around the world to choose FIFA over PES. FIFA on the other hand have rights to a majority of leagues, also including second divisions for some countries.
This upcoming gaming year, PES 2011 will once again not have the rights to the English Premier League, despite this, aswell as gaining official rights to the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in 2010, they will also feature the UEFA Super Cup and the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores sparking off a chain of fans in South America.
Gameplay improvements
FIFA who in the past have been met by criticism for minimal improvements on the previous games seem to have added a few additions for the upcoming FIFA 11.
Personality+: This is supposed to reflect each players individual attributes more resulting in a clear differentiation between players.
Pro Passing: This will mean that the gamer's accuracy in passing will reflect the actual accuracy of each pass in-game, also the accuracy will depend on the player being used in the game.
Fifa Theatre: For the first time ever in the Fifa Series, Players will be able to create their own soundtracks that can be improted into the game. Players can also create customised chants that can be imported and set to play when the players are coming on the field, at haltime, when goals are scored and at the end of a match.
Creation Centre: Players can now edit kits, names, home stadia and players on the internet and download to their console and share it with friends.
Pro Evolution Soccer who in the past generations of football games were considered the king ahead of FIFA, have struggled to match FIFA on the Next Gen Scene. This year looks very promising for PES fans as Konami have promised a much improved game with lots of new features.
Total Control: Konami are said to have improved the 360 Degree passing ratio, meaning the player will have a much higher level of control over passes, shots, throw ins, through balls, and lofted through balls. Players must weight their passes precisely and anticipate the runs that their team mates will make.
Shot and Stamina Gauge: The all new stamina gauge will detail the exact level of the players fitness. Constantly sprinting will hurt the players fitness level, this will affect the players movements and passing ability.
Speed of Play: The additional levels of control in PES 2011 allow the speed of play to change dependent on the situation of the match. For instance the game will quickly liven up when a counter attack starts. Passing will be the key aspect in PES 2011 with long runs not being as effective as in the previous games.
New Defender AI: The new defensive AI means that the defenders now stay in position and no longer chase any ball that enters their area, instead they try to close down the attacker forcing them to make a mistake.
Stadium Editor: With the stadium editor you will be able to recreate any stadium in the game, You will be able to choose the capacity, the turf style, the nets, the roofing and the tunnel placement, whether the stadium has a running track or just grass around the pitch and the distance the stands are from the pitch. There will be space to create 25 additional stadiums on top of the 25 that will be in the game by default.

PES 2011 Logo
PES 2011 Logo
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
The Italian league, French league and Dutch league are expected to be fully licensed as always, however, it is yet to be confirmed.
The Spanish league is expected to be partially licensed, at least 12 teams.
Only 2 teams from the english league will be fully licensed, Man Utd, and it is thought to be Chelsea but it is yet to be fully confirmed.
Here is an official list of confirmed teams..
Inter, Roma, Man Utd, Chelsea, Benfica, Porto, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, River Plate, C.A Colon, Estadiantes De La Plata, Deportivo Tachira, Deportivo Italia, Caracas FC, C.A Cerro, C.A Lanus, Newell's Old Boys, C.A Velez Sarsfield, Club Blooming, Club Bolivar, Real Potosi, Once Caldes, Deportivo Quito, C.S Elemec, San Luis F.C, C.D Guardalajara, Sao Paolo F.C, Juan Aurich, Alianza Lima, Club Nacional, Club Libertad, C.F Monterrey, Estudiantes Tecos, Junior, Independiente Medellin, C.F Universidad De Chile, C.R Flamengo, SC Internacional, S.C Corinthiants, Cruzeiro E.C
FIFA have not unveiled any information on any teams yet, but it is expected that many leagues will be fully licensed.
Some of those leagues include:
Australian League, Austrian League, Belgian League, Italian League, French League, American League, Turkish League, Swiss League, Swedish League, Spanish League, Scottish League, Russian League, Polish League, Portugese League, Norwegian League, Dutch League, Mexican League, Korean League, Irish League, German League, English League.
Also it is expected that the English, Italian, Spanish, German and French Leagues will also contain lower

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Learn french lesson 7

36. To Take, Eat or Drink
Prendre-to take, eat or drink /pʀɑ̃dʀ/
Boire-to drink /bwaʀ/
Other verbs that are conjugated like prendre:  apprendre /apʀɑ̃dʀ/ - to learn, comprendre /kɔ̃pʀɑ̃dʀ/ - to understand and surprendre /syʀpʀɑ̃dʀ/ - to surprise
When you want to say "I am having wine," the French translation is "Je prends du vin."  You must use de and le, la, l', or les and the proper contractions (called partitives) because in French you must always express some.  So "je prends de la bière" literally means "I am having some beer" even though in English we would usually only say I am having beer.  
Manger is a regular verb meaning "to eat," but manger is used in a general sense, such as Je mange du poulet tous les samedis.  I eat chicken every Saturday.  Boire is literally the verb to drink and is also used in a general sense only. Je bois du vin tout le temps.  I drink wine all the time.

37. Quantities
assez de
enough (of)
un morceau de
a piece of
une douzaine de
a dozen of
une assiette de
a plate of
un peu de
a little (bit) of
un paquet de
a packet of
beaucoup de
a lot of
une tasse de
a cup of
un panier de
a basket of
une boîte de
a box of
une tranche de
a slice of
une poignée de
a handful of
une bouteille de
a bottle of
trop de
too much, many
plus de
un kilo de
a kilo of
un verre de
a glass of
un bouquet de
a bunch of
With quantities and negatives, you never use partitives.  The construction is always de or d' + noun.
Je voudrais prendre du fromage, mais pas de fruit.  I would like to have some cheese, but no fruit.
Il prend de la viande.  He is eating some meat.
Nous prenons du riz et des brocolis.  We are having some rice and broccoli.
Il y a trop de lait dans la tasse.  
There is too much milk in the cup.
Je voudrais un morceau de tarte.  I would like one piece of pie.
Est-ce que je peux prendre un verre de vin ?  May I have a glass of wine?
Je prends du vin.  
I'm drinking some wine.
Je ne prends pas de vin.  
I am not drinking any wine.

38. Commands
Use the vous, tu and nous forms for commands.
Vous form
Polite and Plural
Same as verb form
Restez !
Tu form
Same as verb form, but
drop -s for -er verbs
Regarde !
Nous form
Same as verb form
Allons-y !
Let's go!
When using pronominal verbs as commands, the pronoun is placed after the verb connected by a hyphen.  Tu te dépêches becomes Dépêche-toi !  
And in negative commands, the pronoun precedes the verb, as in Ne nous reposons pas.
Irregular Command Forms
être (be)
avoir (have)
savoir (know)
Ne sois pas méchant avec ta sœur !  Don't be mean to your sister!
N'ayez pas peur ! Don't be afraid!
Sachez que j'apprécie votre aide.
Know that I appreciate your help.

39. More Negatives
no longer
/nə...okœ̃/ /yn/
not a single one
ne...nulle part
/nə...nyl paʀ/
The que in ne...que is placed directly before the noun it limits.  Rien and personne may be used as subjects:  Personne n'est ici.  Aucun(e) by definition is singular, so the verb and nouns must also be changed to the singular.  With, all articles are dropped except definite articles.  Je n'ai ni caméra ni caméscope, but Je n'aime ni les chats ni les chiens.
Il n'aime plus travailler.  He no longer likes to work.  (Or: He doesn't like to work anymore)
Nous ne voulons faire des achats que lundi.  We want to go shopping only on Monday.
Elle ne déteste personne.  She hates no one.  (Or: She doesn't hate anyone.)

Negatives with Passé Composé
1. Ne...pas,, ne...jamais, and ne...rien
Ne comes before auxiliary verb, and the other part is between auxiliary and past participle.
Nous n'avons rien fait. We did nothing.
Vous ne vous êtes pas ennuyés.
You were not bored.
2. Ne...personne, ne...aucun,, ne...nulle part, and ne... que
Ne comes before the auxiliary verb, but the other part is after the past participle.
Il n'a écouté personne. He listened to no one.
Il n'a fait aucune faute.
He made not a single mistake.
* Use of ne ... pas de:  In negative sentences, the partitives and indefinite articles become de before the noun (unless the verb is être, then nothing changes.)

Partitive:  Je prends du pain et du beurre.  I'm having some bread and butter.
Negative:  Je ne prends pas de pain ou de beurre.  
I am not having any bread or butter.

Indefinite:  J'ai un chien.  
I have a dog.
Negative:  Je n'ai pas de chien.  
I don't have a dog.

Verb is être:  C'est une chatte brune. It's a brown cat.
Negative:  Ce n'est pas une chatte brune.  It's not a brown cat.

40. Holiday Phrases
Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël
Happy New Year
Bonne Année
Happy Thanksgiving
Joyeux Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)
Bonne Action de grâces
Happy Easter
Joyeuses Pâques
Happy Halloween
Bonne fête d'Halloween
Happy Valentine's Day
Joyeuse Saint-Valentin
Happy Birthday
Bon Anniversaire
Joyeux Anniversaire
Happy Saint Day
Bonne Fête
Happy Holidays
Joyeuses Fêtes
Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve dinner
le Réveillon
New Year's Eve
la Saint-Sylvestre

Learn french lesson 6

33. Etre Verbs
Sixteen "house" verbs and all pronominal verbs are conjugated with être, and they must agree in gender and number with the subject.  The house verbs are:
aller-to go
sortir-to go out
venir-to come
mourir-to die
arriver-to arrive
partir-to leave
devenir-to become
monter-to go up
entrer-to enter
tomber-to fall
revenir-to come back
rester-to stay
rentrer-to return home
naître-to be born
passer-to go by (pass)
descendre-to go down
Most have regular past participles, except venir-venu, devenir-devenu, revenir-revenu, mourir-mort, and naître-né.  And five of these verbs, monter, descendre, sortir, rentrer, and passer can sometimes be conjugated with avoir if they are used with a direct object.
Je suis sortie. I went out.
J'ai sorti la poubelle.
I took the trash out.
Conjugation of an être verb
Je suis resté(e)
Nous sommes resté(e)s
Tu es resté(e)
Vous êtes resté(e)(s)
Il est resté
Ils sont restés
Elle est restée
Elles sont restées
You add the e for feminine and s for plural.  Sometimes adding an -e causes the pronunciation to change, i.e. the preceding consonant that is silent in the masculine form is pronounced in the feminine form: Il est mort /mɔʀ/ vs. Elle est morte /mɔʀt/
Vous can have any of the endings. To form the negative, place ne...pas around the auxiliary verb: Je ne suis pas resté.
Conjugation of a Pronominal Verb
Je me suis amusé(e)
Nous nous sommes amusé(e)s
Tu t'es amusé(e)
Vous vous êtes amusé(e)(s)
Il s'est amusé
Ils se sont amusés
Elle s'est amusée
Elles se sont amusées
To form the negative, place ne before the reflexive pronoun, and pas after the auxiliary verb.
There are only two cases with pronominal verbs where the past participle does not agree:
1.  When the pronominal verb is followed by a direct object.
Compare:  Elles se sont lavées, but: elles se sont lavé les mains.
2.  With verbs where the reflexive pronoun is an indirect object, such as
se parler, se demander, se dire, s'écrire, se sourire
, and se téléphoner.
Ils se sont téléphoné.

34. Food and Meals / La Nourriture et Les Repas
le petit déjeuner
/pti deʒœne/
l'œuf (m)
le déjeuner
le gâteau
le dîner
la tarte
la tasse
le lait
la tranche
le café
le bol
le beurre
le verre
l'eau (f)
Salt and Pepper
le sel et le poivre
/sɛl/ /pwavʀ/
le jambon
la fourchette
le poisson
la cuillère
le thé
le couteau
la salade
l'assiette (f)
la confiture
la serviette
la viande
Ice cream
la glace
French fries
les frites (f)
le jus
la bière
le fruit
le vin
le fromage
le sucre
le poulet
le potage
des céréales
le ketchup
la moutarde
le vinaigre
la mayonnaise
le yaourt
des pâtes
In France, it is common to use déjeuner to mean to have breakfast as well as to have lunch. In Quebec, the meals are le déjeuner, le dîner, and le souper. The plural of un œuf is des œufs, but fs is not pronounced: /œf/ vs. /ø/. Food is generally divided into two categories: sucré (sweet/sugary) and salé (savoury/salty). Le pain /pɛ̃/ is the general word for bread; if you want to specify white bread, use le pain de mie /pɛ̃ də mi/ . Because the French eat dinner so late in the evening (8 pm), young children have l'heure de goûter (snack time) after school. Le yaourt refers to fruit yogurts and sweet puddings and they are eaten as desserts in France. La glace is also a common dessert, and you can find several parfums /paʀfœ̃/ (flavors). The word for scoops (of ice cream) is boules /bul/. Many restaurants now offer take out food options, which is called à emporter (to take away). The opposite is sur place.

35. Fruits, Vegetables and Meat
un fruit
le maïs
une pomme
un concombre
un abricot
une aubergine
une banane
la laitue
une myrtille
un champignon
une cerise
un oignon
une noix de coco
les pois
une datte
un piment
une figue
une pomme de terre
un raisin
une citrouille
un pamplemousse
le riz
un citron
des épinards
un citron vert
/sitʀɔ̃ vɛʀ/
une courge
un melon
une tomate
une olive
un navet
une orange
des courgettes
une pêche
la viande
une poire
du lard, du bacon
/laʀ/ /bekɔn/
un ananas
le bœuf
une prune
le poulet
un pruneau
le canard
un raisin sec
/ʀɛzɛ̃ sɛk/
la chèvre
une framboise
le jambon
une fraise
une pastèque
le foie
un légume
des boulettes de viande
un artichaut
pork chop
une côtelette de porc
des asperges
le lapin
une betterave
le steak haché
le brocoli
la saucisse
un chou
dried sausage
le saucisson
une carotte
la dinde
un chou-fleur
le veau
un céleri
le chevreuil

Lettuce can also be referred to as la salade verte.